Update the birth date associated with your Apple ID

Your birth date is used to enable certain features and display your correct age in features such as Family Sharing. In some cases, it might be used to help reset your password.

Use these steps to update or correct the birth date associated with your Apple ID:

  1. Sign in to your Apple ID account page.
  2. In the Account section, click Edit.
  3. Update your birth date. You might need to answer your security questions.

To change your birth date to any age below 13*, you must be a member of a Family Sharing group, and your family organizer must approve the change. After updating your birth date, follow the onscreen steps to send an email request to your family organizer. Your family organizer can sign in to their Apple ID account page to confirm the birth date change and agree to the Parent Privacy Disclosure agreement by entering the requested information from their account payment method.

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