Set up your child‘s Apple ID for Students account

How do I find the online consent form?

Open the email from Apple with the subject “Apple ID for Students—Parent/Guardian Information,” and click the online consent form link.

If you received multiple emails for your child, make sure that you click the link in the most recent one.

How do I agree to the consent form?

After you scroll down and read the Parent Privacy Disclosure and Consent document, select I Agree.

What if the web page won’t accept my temporary password?

Make sure that you copy the full password, and remove any extra spaces on either side of the password before you paste. You can also type the password manually.

If you’re asked for a password again after using your temporary password, restart your web browser. Then click the online consent form link again.

What if I need to change my child’s name or date of birth?

Make sure you verify and correct your child’s name and date of birth. You’ll be unable to update the date of birth later, and you’ll need it if you have to reset the Apple ID password.

How should I choose security questions?

You should choose security questions and answers that you can both remember, but others won’t be able to guess. If you and your child forget the Apple ID password, you can use the security questions and your rescue email address to reset the password.

How do I verify my parent or guardian email address?

After you agree to the consent form and the Apple ID Created page appears, you’ll receive a verification email from Apple with the subject “Please verify the contact email address for [your child’s name].” Click the “verify now” link in the email, then sign in with your child’s Apple ID.

You should verify your parent or guardian email address, so that you can receive notices about your child’s account. After you verify, you can also use your parent or guardian email address to reset your child’s password.

What if my child forgets their password?

Go to your Apple ID account page, click Forgot Apple ID or password and follow the onscreen steps. If you verified your parent or guardian email address, we’ll email you at that address with how to reset your password.

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