Media from Panasonic HPX500 sometimes does not ingest in Final Cut Pro 7

On rare occasions, media shot on a Panasonic HPX500 camera may not ingest in the Log and Transfer window. A warning “Error: No Data” appears.

This may happen if the camera incorrectly marks all the frames in the clips as inactive. This can happen if the preference to remove pulldown is enabled in the Log and Transfer window—there will appear to be nothing for Final Cut to ingest. If you encounter this issue, try these steps:

  1. Make sure the firmware in your camera is up to date following the instructions from Panasonic. This will not affect footage you’ve already shot, but may prevent the issue from recurring.
  2. Click the gear Action pop-up menu along the top of the Log and Transfer window and choose Preferences.
  3. In the Preferences window, deselect the checkbox for “Remove Advanced Pulldown and Duplicate Frames.”
  4. Ingest the clip.
  5. Choose Final Cut Pro > Easy Setup from the main menu.
  6. Click the Use pop-up menu in the Easy Setup window and choose DVCPRO HD – 720p24 from the list and then click Setup.
  7. Create a new sequence.
  8. Add the clip you ingested to the timeline of your new sequence. If the dialog “Change sequence settings to match the clip settings?” appears, click No.
  9. If you need to set the starting timecode to match the clip, Control-click the sequence and choose Settings from the shortcut menu.
  10. Click the Timeline tab and set the Starting Timecode to match the clip. Click OK to close the Sequence Settings window.
  11. Choose File > Export > QuickTime Movie. Use the default settings in the export dialog:
    • Setting: Current Settings
    • Include: Audio and Video
    • Markers: None
    • Select the “Make Movie Self-Contained” checkbox.


  12. Click Save to create a 24 fps clip with pulldown removed.
  13. Import the new clip into Final Cut Pro and edit.

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