LED Cinema Display (27-inch): Troubleshooting no video issues when using DVI video ports

You can connect your LED Cinema Display (27-inch) to any of the current Mac computers with a Mini DisplayPort running Mac OS X v10.6.4 or later. Using the LED Cinema Display (27-inch) with older Macs that have DVI video cards is not supported by Apple, although there may be DVI to Mini DisplayPort adapters made by other manufacturers that may work. Learn tips for using a suitable adapter.

You should use a dual-link DVI to Mini DisplayPort adapter to connect your LED Cinema Display (27-inch) to a computer that has a DVI video port. Using an adapter that supports only single link connections may generate a “no video” condition, may result in poor image quality due to the lack of native resolution support, or the LED Cinema Display’s native resolution of 2560 x 1440 may not appear in the Display preferences. Other compatibility issues may also occur.If you are using your LED Cinema Display (27-inch) with a DVI video card and experience a “no video” condition, check the following:

  1. Locate the make and model of the DVI to Mini DisplayPort adapter and refer to the manufacturer’s website to confirm that the adapter has dual-link DVI support and works with the 27-inch LED Cinema Display. Some adapters support only the LED Cinema Display (24-inch, Late 2008).
  2. Verify that the display’s power cord is firmly connected and plugged in to a known good outlet.
  3. Make sure all of the display and adapter cable connections are secure.
  4. Confirm that the computer is running Mac OS X v10.6.4 or later and that all available software updates have been installed.

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