Get help finding, installing, and using apps on your Apple Watch

If you need help with an app on your Apple Watch, try these steps.

Before you begin

Update your Apple Watch to the latest version of watchOS.

If you still need help, try the steps for your issue.

If you can’t install an app

Make sure that the app is compatible with your Apple Watch. Go to the App Store, tap the app, and look for Offers Apple Watch App under the app icon. If the app’s compatible, try the steps below next.

Update the app

  1. On your iPhone, open the App Store and tap the Updates tab.
  2. If updates are available, tap Update All.
  3. If asked, enter your Apple ID password.

Stop and restart the installation

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap the My Watch tab.
  2. Scroll down, tap the app, then turn off Show App on Apple Watch.
  3. Wait a moment, then turn on Show App on Apple Watch again.

Restart your devices

Restart your Apple Watch and your iPhone. If you still need help, contact the app developer. Find the app in the App Store, tap it, then tap Reviews > App Support.

If you can’t find some of your apps

After you update to the latest version of watchOS, your apps will automatically appear on your Apple Watch again.

If any of your apps are still missing, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Scroll to the app, tap it, then tap Show on Apple Watch.

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