Aperture 3: Photos are not split into projects by date when importing from iPad

This primarily comes into effect if you use a camera connection kit to capture images from a camera to various albums on the iPad. When the import completes, images are not split into separate projects by date.

When Aperture imports from an iPad, it uses Autosplit to maintain the iPad’s album structure, rather than splitting images by date. This is usually only an issue if you use a camera connection kit to capture images from a camera to various albums on iPad. If you do not use a camera connection kit, you will likely only see images in the iPad’s Saved Photos album. In this case, Aperture creates a single project named for the date of the oldest image in the Saved Photos album.

Note: Aperture does not import photos you have already synced to iPad via iTunes; those photos will not be visible in Aperture’s import window.

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